ergonomic seat shell

The Idea


“The idea for GIGSEAT originated at a music festival” , says Marianne Texmo – the inventor of GIGSEAT. “What could be the solution to enjoy a cultural music event without the annoying side effects such as back pain or tired legs? ”

Marianne Texmo had a brilliant idea: ” A stair tread to go , placed directly on the floor, serves as a portable seating .” – GIGSEAT was born.

Finally a seating solution for health where the function is both – safe, easy to use and convenient !” , says Henning Kristiansen , Sec Pro

.. and there’s more to come …

GIGSEAT is so versatile! Have you tried it once during your leisure activity – whether when hiking in the mountains , skiing , fishing or just a Sunday pleasure trip – you will not go without GIGSEAT anymore, facts .