ergonomic seat shell



GIGSEAT is a portable seat for outdoor use, the idea developed and produced in Norway, available in black, gray, red and green. SEE DEMONSTRATION-VIDEO HERE KLICK

Facts : It weighs 1 kg and is made from 100 % recyclable polypropylene (PP) .
The material is very strong and durable though flexible. It even carries several hundred pounds and is weather resistent.
As GIGSEAT withstands frost and heat, it is your perfect companion in all seasons.

GIGSEAT is easy to carry thanks to its light weight and promises extra grip on uneven grounds – whether grass, rocks or snow – by an integrated anti-slip plectrum. A cutout in the seating surface also permits a safe parking of your beverages.

GIGSEAT is specially designed for stage or sloping terrain and offers two different options for use – one with high and one with low backrest. Depending on the angle of slope ofthe land, you just have to flip GIGSEAT over.
At a low angle of slope (15°- 25°) the side with high backrest is recommended for an optimum relief ofthe lumbar spine.
If you are in steep terrain from 25° up, turn GIGSEAT around and use the side with the low backrest for comfortable and healthy sitting.